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When A Madman Goes To Church

Ecclesiastes 1:17   Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom, and also of madness and folly. Sometimes when a madman meets Jesus they bow and find deliverance, sometimes they  refuse and try to destroy him. Once again yesterday the the madman met Jesus, wickedness came to worship; the deranged demoniac

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Disasters and the last days.

Our hearts go out to the victims throughout the region whose lives have been turned upside down by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  Apparently some find that trying to prove these catastrophic events signal the end is near is helpful.  While I do believe in the promise of a “new

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When Disaster Make You Doubt God

Natural disaster pose tremendous public challenges to the Christian faith.  Right now religious people are being mocked on social media by people like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and the one of the newest champions of secularism, Muslim atheist, Ali Rizvi, because we are calling for prayer in response to Hurricane

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