Pastor Phil McCutchen

Wisdom Wins Again

Luke 7:34-35 “Wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.

The sordid and gross deeds of Harvey Weinstein, the iconic movie producer and head of Miramax Studios, are being vomited onto our T.V. screens and internet news feeds. This man who is described as the most powerful man in the movie industry, as well as society, is now looking like a fool.

Recently, the end of life came to undoubtedly the most influential figure in the sexual revolution and the mainstreaming of pornography, Hugh Hefner. When I read the description of the decrepit state of the Playboy Mansion, where he died with dogs having the run of the place and it no longer being frequented by the movers, ,and celebrities; he didn’t appear to be the lucky guy living every adolescent’s dream; he looked like a fool.

We all listened with embarrassment to our President’s 2015 taping of a conversation with the Host of Access Hollywood describe shameful encounters with certain women.  He sounded like a fool.  I certainly pray that deep in his private thoughts he has renounced this destructive way of thinking. Roger Ailes the powerful head of Fox news apparently also tried to use his power to exploit women.  We should be talking about his distinguished career but instead he died in disgrace this past May.  What happened to the Playboy promise that sex could be just like our appetite for food and drink and men in particular should indulge whenever and with whomever they felt like?  A long line of men, bought the new definition of sexual freedom and now one of the nicer words being used to describe them is “idiots.”

In all of this there’s a win for everyone of us who although we may have our own shameful scenes have made a courageous decision that we need God and his word to direct our paths.  The win I’m speaking of  is not a win for the political left or the political right.  The win I am speaking of is not a win for Democrats or Republicans.  The win I am speaking about is not a win for the mainstream media or the alternative media.  Although I have focused here on sex, the win here is not just about a win in the arena of sexual morals but every aspect of life.  The win that is being registered on the score board of human social interaction is the win of the Wisdom of God over the foolishness of men.

Do you want to end up looking like a fool, just reject the counsel of the Lord. No culture, no people’s, no nation, and no individual has every ended up looking smart who has rejected the counsel of the Lord; to think otherwise is like ignoring manufacturers recommendation for your purchased products or routinely ignoring pain in your body.  This win is bitter sweet because as a nation we could be enjoying the fruit of wisdom instead of the discipline of wisdom, but it’s not too late to change our trajectory.

Here’s my advice, reader. If the world around us won’t bow to the wisdom of God, start living counter-culturally.  If you are a parent, have a family meeting in which you read Joshua 24:15.  Talk about the insanity and failure of all the failed social experiments including the Playboy Philosophy. Talk to your family about a sure path, laid out for us in the Wisdom books off the Bible and boldly declare, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”  Tell your spouse and your children, “we’re going to be winners and wisdom wins.”  If you don’t have a spouse and children, tell this to yourself and to your friends. It’s time to be proud to be living on the side of wisdom.  It’s time to participate in a holy rebellion against the social experts and cultural thought leaders.  Tell the next professor who tells you how you and your children should manage their sexuality because they’ve taken a poll, to take a long walk on a short pier. Let’s stop being fools. “Wisdom wins” CAN mean “we win.”